Towel Warmer Vector - Chrome

Towel Warmer Vector - Chrome

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Towel Warmer Trap features with 8 bars:

- Stainless Steel SS304, corrosion resistant, long lifetime

- Fast heating

- Energy saving

- Single bar can be rotated

- Main material:Low carbon steel

- Heating method:Electric

- Installation:Plug in

- Surface tempearture:around 50℃ (ambient temperature 20℃)

- To reach maximum temperature:60 minutes

- Certificate:ETL

was $599.00 Special Price $249.00
The price is per square foot
To install a towel warmer will be one of the wisest choices you've ever made. The towel warmer does not cost much, but it's a practical addition that lights your bathroom. We've all had that terrible experience of using a damp towel on a cold winter's morning. Hang up your towels and heat them before they are needed again is a simple, but important luxury.
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Construction TypeStainless Steel
Faucet SizeN/A
Faucet Handle SizeN/A
Warranty1 year
Special Price249.00