Mirror 60" Edge - Black Aluminum Framed

Mirror 30

Mirror 30" LED Matte Black Frame FJZ0057-30BF with IR Sensor and dimming function

Buy Mirror 24" LED M-1039 with magnifying mirror at GoldenElite in one of our 3 stores in Montreal

- 23.75" x 29.6" x 30mm LED Mirror with dimming function

- Acrylic back frame and Aluminium frame

- 5mm copper free silver mirror

- 6000k LED light

- 3x magnifying mirror

- Single touch sensor switch with dimming function

- Ul LED driver : 110V

The price is per square foot
M-1039-24 (51.08 kB)
This lighted bathroom mirror with dimming function illustrates a modern frameless design with energy-saving lighting that will brighten up your bathroom perfectly. Each mirror is delivered ready to be assembled.
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Edge DetailFrosted finish