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  1. Floor buying guide – shop at Golden Elite flooring stores


    Floor buying guide – shop at Golden Elite flooring stores



    When designing a home, most homeowners get sleepless nights over choosing the floor. With so many types of flooring available from hardwood to engineered one, and each type coming with different options, it is natural to feel perplexed. But we want to make designing a home an exciting job and hence here is the guide to help you to choose the right flooring for your home.

    Golden Elite offers 3 hardwood flooring stores in West Island, South Shore, and Fabreville.



    Different types of flooring


    Let us begin with the broad categories of flooring so that the choices narrow down and it becomes easy for you to select the perfect o

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  2. Continued from Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide Part 1



    (Continued from Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide Part 1)



    Trending designs


    Modern bathroom designs and furniture, as well as bathroom vanity mirrors are trending toward sleek and minimalist looks. The bathroom is one place where you can start your day or evening, and for many people, an elegant, beautiful, and inspired look is something that is most desired in the bathroom, of course, they will always be a place for contemporary designs in the bathroom. 

    Most modern bathroom vanities embody designs for optimal spaces; they come with LED mirrors and Bluetooth speakers. Space is always a commodity in a modern bathroom, and it is essential to make the most of the area.

    The bathroom vanity mirrors can also fulfil the same purpose as a mirrored bathroom cabinet in a standard vanity.

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  3. Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide - The Best Vanity For Your Home


    Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide - The Best Vanity For Your Home


    Part 1


    Introducing the Bathroom Vanity


    A bathroom vanity is best defined as the combination of all accessories in a bathroom; this includes; the bathroom sinks and or washbasin, and the storage that surrounds it. It is considered a bathroom cabinet designed to contain the sink, and provide the necessary storage in the bathroom. When visiting one of Golden Elite's bathroom vanity stores, you should read this article to get acquainted with the different aspects of bathroom cabinetry.

    The cabinet-top or benchtop is an essential part of the bathroom vanity since the material must be moisture resistant or waterproof. The benchtop is majorly made of; Stone, Cement, Laminated wood,

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  4. Golden Elite Shower Sets and Shower Doors

    Golden Deco Elite's Shower Sets and Shower Doors

    Golden Elite Deco is a Canadian company that started as a flooring company. They worked tirelessly as a small business to create high-quality flooring solutions at reasonable prices. By using vertical integration methods, Golden Elite Deco, or GED, was able to reduce the cost of their products further. They have multiple production facilities in several counties, all of which utilize high-tech equipment to create great products. Today, they have a variety of products across North America, in retail stores as well as GED showrooms. GED is a decorated company that strives to always provide the best products. Out of the products they provide, one of the most well-renowned is their shower sets.

    Golden Deco Elite's Shower Sets

    Shower sets are a set of doors, panels, and a base which goes into your shower.

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