Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide - The Best Vanity For Your Home


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Introducing the Bathroom Vanity


A bathroom vanity is best defined as the combination of all accessories in a bathroom; this includes; the bathroom sinks and or washbasin, and the storage that surrounds it. It is considered a bathroom cabinet designed to contain the sink, and provide the necessary storage in the bathroom. When visiting one of Golden Elite's bathroom vanity stores, you should read this article to get acquainted with the different aspects of bathroom cabinetry.

The cabinet-top or benchtop is an essential part of the bathroom vanity since the material must be moisture resistant or waterproof. The benchtop is majorly made of; Stone, Cement, Laminated wood, Marbles and more. It is mainly made from different materials, but are majorly moisture or water resistant since the bathroom is the most significant wet area in our homes.


The Basic Guide for Choosing a Bathroom Vanity


The following will serve as a guide in the course of buying a perfect bathroom vanity for your bathroom.


Choosing the right fit


It is essential to consider the bathroom size when you plan on buying a vanity. Although bathroom sinks are standardized, not all room size is the same. Start with the measurement of your current bathroom vanity. The layout of the bathroom plays a vital role in specifying or partially dictating the size of the vanity that will fit into the bathroom. The new vanity should fit into where the previous vanity was. If you are considering a larger vanity, it's crucial to ensure that it fits into the bathroom configuration.

Since 32 inches is the standard height of a bathroom vanity, however, you may prefer that your vanity be more or less tall to meet your preferred taste. After many observation or research on bathroom cabinet height, it has been proven that vanities are likely to be between 32 and 36 inches high. Whereas, some have a legless design that must be wall-mounted, allowing you to hang in the preferred height or wall in the bathroom.

You have to consider the height of the vessel sink together with the height of the bathroom vanity because the height of the vessel sink is a determining factor for the vanity, as well as other units of the vanity such as the mirror, cabinet etc. Clear out all unnecessary kinds of stuff in the bathroom to create space for easy and transparent access to the vanity door, with enough space dedicated for its purpose. The design of the vanity depends on the wideness of itself and also the counter space determines the number and types of sink needed for installation.


Types of bathroom vanity units


There are two significant categories of bathroom vanity; Base cabinets and side cabinets.

  •         Base cabinets usually include cabinet or storage space, a faucet, a sink and a vanity top. It is usually in sets or pieces.
  •         Side cabinets are often intended for use as bathroom wall cabinets and other bathroom furniture such as the drawer complete the design of your vanity.




Bathroom vanity style


Majority of bathroom vanity and units are beautiful, but you have to choose the one that best fits your bathroom. Modern bathroom and contemporary bathroom are the talks of the day when it comes to the aspect of bathroom vanity design

  •         Modern Vanity

They are built-in with a clean finish and smooth surfaces coupled with minimalist, unique and modern space designs. These are the most popular units found in our bathroom vanity store.

 It allows the drilling of the hole for a traditional sink because it was designed with a countertop as well as its capacity to include a sink or double sink cabinet with its beautiful and inspiring design giving it a standout look. Its incorporated design may force you to choose between modern vanity with complete bathroom vanities with tops or the one with a custom top.

  •         Contemporary Vanity

They are classic designs that come with tops. They are designed to feature a bathroom cabinet and sizeable or roomy drawer for storing all essentials for the bathroom. They are designed with pre-installed worktops, are typically intended for low-mount sinks style, and also be able to incorporate a simple vessel sink on top of the vanity’s counter.

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