How To Measure For Your New Bathroom Vanity - A Measuring Guide



Adding décor to your home is always an exciting activity. A new bathroom vanity can really transform your bathroom from a boring area to a welcoming room for you and your guests. Before you buy a new vanity for your bathroom you need to be sure that you have enough room for the new addition. So grab your tape measure and let’s get started!



Measure the width of the available space for bathroom vanity


If you intend on leaving the existing plumbing in place, use it as the center line and measure bathroom vanity from each side to identify the maximum width. Mark the outer dimensions with tape to get an idea of how the bathroom vanity will look in the space. Bathroom vanities are available from 12 to 84 inches long (including the countertop ledge) so width is one of the most important measurements when determining whether or not a vanity can fit in your bathroom. If you are interested in more decorative vanities, like a furniture style, be sure to factor in some additional space to allow regular cleaning and polish.



Measure the depth of the available space for bathroom vanity


When measure bathroom vanity for depth consider the other features of the room and use it as a guide. Open and close the bathroom door, shower doors (if any) and the doors of the vanity itself. A helpful tip is to open the door, mark it with a coin and take your measure from that point. If space is at a premium, try to leave a minimum of an inch or two between all of the bathroom items. Bathroom vanities typically have a depth of 18 to 22 inches. There are some specialty vanities that offer shallower depths, but those are either custom made or found only online.


Measure the height of the available space for bathroom vanity


Bathroom vanity height is usually a lesser concern than the width or depth of a smaller bathroom. Bathroom vanities vary in height from 30 to 37 inches depending on the manufacturer and type you are evaluating. Don’t forget to include any accessories or other items that may increase the height of the vanity. These can include large mirrors, backsplashes or ornate, decorative lighting pieces that you might forget about while focusing on space for bathroom vanity.



Measure the bathroom door frame


Another thing that many people forget to take into account is the door frame. Imagine doing all of the measurements inside the bathroom, picking out the perfect vanity and not being able to get it through the door! Take a quick measurement of the width and height of the bathroom door to ensure your new vanity will easily fit through.


If your bathroom is exceedingly tight, leave at least eighteen inches between the middle of the toilet and the edge of your bathroom vanity. This is the minimum requirement to be complaint with building codes. Making sure that you have enough space for bathroom vanity will make your new décor enhancement easy to put in the right spot.