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Trending designs


Modern bathroom designs and furniture, as well as bathroom vanity mirrors are trending toward sleek and minimalist looks. The bathroom is one place where you can start your day or evening, and for many people, an elegant, beautiful, and inspired look is something that is most desired in the bathroom, of course, they will always be a place for contemporary designs in the bathroom. 

Most modern bathroom vanities embody designs for optimal spaces; they come with LED mirrors and Bluetooth speakers. Space is always a commodity in a modern bathroom, and it is essential to make the most of the area.

The bathroom vanity mirrors can also fulfil the same purpose as a mirrored bathroom cabinet in a standard vanity. The Bathroom vanity units such as Bathroom wall cabinets and bathroom vanity mirrors can be purchased in sets that match the overall design of the bathroom vanity set. When updating or changing your vanity set, every piece of the furniture engulfed in the design must serve its own specific and unique purpose.


The specification


 Thinking about the user and usage will give a hint on the size needed. For the redeveloping or remodelling of a master suite to offer separate area in a shared bathroom, a doubled sink vanity may be the best choice for the intended purpose. Double vanities usually have a width of between 60 - 70 inches, but the small size of about 48 inches is also possible to come across. But you will probably need a simple single sink vanity if the renovation is for a guest bathroom. Therefore 18-48 inches vanity is your target range that will best fit the space. A simple cabinet vanity will easily fit in place; hence, storage is a priority in the bathroom.


Types of Vanity



Freestanding vanities


It is a traditional or common kind of vanity. They rest on the floor, as well as being screwed to the wall with some mounting screws to provide added stability.


Wall-mounted vanities


Wall-mounted vanities, which are also known as floating vanities. They require no support from the ground or by their side because they are fixed directly on the wall, and they are perfect at giving a floor space and a clean look to the bathroom.


Corner vanity


They are the perfect vanity required in a small bathroom. They are space savers, and provide much-needed storage, enabling more flexibility in the bathroom design.


Console vanities


Console vanities are a new concept. The design offers a simple and airy look for those who prefer enough space after the installation of the cabinet.


Vanity Designs and Materials





The design is composed of a combination of louvred panels, delicate carvings and beadboard, which contributes to the classic appeal of the farmhouse style. They are painted in soft neutral tones that blend well with weathered or painted materials.




Its simple construction and clean lines give the simple design craftsmanship. Mission designs are usually made of thick, solid woods such as oaks. This vanity usually has a natural dye to expose their grain. The artisan appearance is completed with the aid of materials such as brass, solid bronze and iron.




They are composed of a straight line, clean and a simple appearance, made with a variety of materials such as aluminum as well as color. For contemporary renovations, they are a perfect choice.




Rustic vanity designs create an organic, natural look by using reclaimed woods. They give a vivid appearance by using a metallic accent and warm dye or stain.




The design principles of the shaker are similar to those of the mission in that they tend to emphasize simple and clean lines without details. The difference between the two vanities are the curves, slender legs and its slim appearance. They are usually made of light wood such as pine.





Traditional designs encompass features that are found in classic furniture. They are sprayed or painted with a variety of colors from white to brown. They are also designed with functionality such as scalloped edges and turned legs.


Sink Variation


Majority of the known vanities works with only a specific type of sinks due to door and shelf interferences, so it's essential to know the kind of sink and what each piece of vanity allows.


Under-mount/kitchen Sinks


They are built with copper or porcelain in a rectangular or sometimes oval shape. Their best position is to be mounted under counter.


Vessel Sinks


The fact that it adds to the total height of the vanity is one factor to consider and at the same time, become unavailable to the reach of small children. They are available in colors, shapes, materials and sizes and are fixed or placed on the counter.


Semi-Recessed Sinks


It leaves its top half exposed while it sits halfway up the countertop. There is a perfect blend between under-mount sinks and vessel sinks. It Offers the solution to ship heights in vanity design.


Trough or Integral Sinks


They are also known as integrated sinks; they also serve as counter and sink. it is made of white porcelain, different types of stone and concrete, the design creates seamless appearance.


Corner Sinks


The corner sinks are perfect when you are thinking about saving bathroom space. Some of the sinks are wall-mounted, while others are freestanding. The basin is the only space necessary for corner sink.




At the end of the day, the most important thing is to pick something that YOU like, and not be weary of trends which usually come and go. At Golden Elite Deco Center, you will be sure to find the perfect bathroom vanity for your home. Come visit our stores in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, St-Hubert, and Laval and let our friendly staff serve you!