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When designing a home, most homeowners get sleepless nights over choosing the floor. With so many types of flooring available from hardwood to engineered one, and each type coming with different options, it is natural to feel perplexed. But we want to make designing a home an exciting job and hence here is the guide to help you to choose the right flooring for your home.

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Different types of flooring


Let us begin with the broad categories of flooring so that the choices narrow down and it becomes easy for you to select the perfect option for your home. Also, please be mindful of the floor installation recommendations that your builder or condo association lays down.


Hardwood flooring – the most traditional, popular, and natural of all, nothing can beat the charm of wooden floors. Just the mention of the word wood conjures up images of richness, luxury, warmth, and charm. Quality hardwood flooring is highly durable and get a character with age that has its own unique appeal. However, you have to think of several factors before submitting yourself to the charm of a wooden floor.

Cost, maintenance, lifestyle, and the basic construction of the house has to be kept in mind when you make a flooring choice.


Engineered flooring – this is one of the latest choices that people are opting for. This is a processed flooring in which several layers of plywood are compressed and topped with a thin cover of hardwood. It consists of a wear layer, stable core, and stabilizing bottom layer. Some must be glued-down, while some have a lock installation.

It is durable, flexible, suits almost all subfloors and ideal for rooms where there is no moisture.

Tile – tile flooring is popular with homeowners due to its ease of maintenance, durability, and looks. Versatility makes tiles a favorite with homeowners.


SPC Vinyl flooring – many architects and home designers are preferring vinyl flooring for its benefits. It is a hard surface flooring that is ideal for high traffic areas. Since it is easy to clean and maintain, you will find most commercial spaces like shops opting for it. Even it is a good choice for your basement.

Another name for vinyl flooring is resilient flooring. It is available in two forms, vinyl planks or sheets. There exists SPC and WPC, but the newer generation is SPC which is more stable, and can withstand extreme temperature.

Extremely durable, moisture-resistant, and easy to maintain, think of vinyl flooring if you have pets in your home, if there are kids running around in muddy shoes and, of course, for your bathroom and basement to increase the life of the floor. Nowadays, SPC flooring has gained in popularity because of its stable construction which consists of mixing PVC and limestone to create a rigid core. These stabilizers allow the floor to withstand extreme temperature and have superior dimensional stability.


Bamboo – you may not have heard about it but it is fast gaining popularity in the market. Bamboo, a woody grass is used to make light and strong floors. Bamboo floors are durable, extremely strong, and environment-friendly as bamboos are grown in controlled forests and take less time to mature.

Now, let us consider the pros and cons of each type of flooring. We will also consider the different options available within each of them which will make your task of choosing the right floor a lot easier.



Hardwood flooring – options, viability, and choices



Wooden floors are timeless and classic. Natural colors, marks, and grains lend them a unique look that no other material can provide. There are plenty of benefits of using hardwood flooring.

Hardwood creates an elegant appearance that suits most home décor styles. Whether classic or bohemian, chic or rustic, you can find the right wood to complement the style.

Hardwood floors are easy to clean. They are more hygienic and offer safe living. Wooden flooring is safe for people with allergies too.

Being low on maintenance, most people prefer to have wooden floors. Nowadays, they come with a stain-resistant coating which makes them easy to maintain. Of course, in a house and especially in heavy traffic areas the wooden floors get scratched, scraped, damaged, and dented but you can sand them or refinish them easily. No need to replace them, thus saving on your money and efforts. Your local Golden Elite hardwood flooring store should have recommendations on which products to use, and some sell them on site.

Wooden floors are environment-friendly. Less water and energy are used to produce them. The wood floors are recyclable and hence good for our environment. They can last a lifetime and so give value for your money.

Wooden floors come with a large variety. Oak is the most preferred wood for hardwood flooring. We have got other options too like maple and cherry. If you want an exclusive look for your home, go for birch, pine, ash, hickory, or cedar.

With so many varieties, each with a range of colors, grains, and finish, you are spoilt for choice.

Most people choose hardwood flooring in houses with wooden subfloor construction. It is easier to fix the planks and you can also do it on your own.

Which rooms are ideal for hardwood flooring?

Your home décor portrays your lifestyle. Your guests form an idea about your style from the look of the living room and hence it is the best place to have a wooden floor. Rich and warm, it will welcome your visitors with its elegance and make them feel at home. No matter how much traffic you have, the floor has the strength to withstand it. Are you afraid of the spills and soiling? They are easy to clean.

The dining room can also have a wooden floor to make it look graceful. Since wooden floors are durable, you can relax that your floor can stand up to the frequent parties and get-togethers you host.

Give your home office, bedroom, and den a touch of luxury with a wooden floor. Your bedroom will look romantic with it and your home office will get a strong appeal.

The only places to avoid hardwood is your bathroom, laundry room, and foyer. Water plays havoc on wood and so avoid wood flooring in these spaces. The foyer takes a lot of toll from mud, dirt, and sand. To increase the life of your floors, it is better to not have a wooden floor here.

Another major criterion for selecting floors is cost. There is no denying the fact that wooden flooring is costly. But they are a one-time investment and don’t require much maintenance. So, in the long-run, they give a good return for your investment.



Engineered flooring – when is it the best option?



If you are looking for durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness, engineered flooring is the right option for your home.

Engineered flooring is made from several layers of wood. Multiple layers of plywood are fixed together with a thin layer of hardwood on the top. Once fitted, there is hardly any way you can make out the difference between a solid hardwood floor or an engineered one.

Engineered flooring has become popular due to various reasons.

With engineered floors, you get a wide variety of choice. Be it widths, styles, or colors, you will be enthralled by the range available to you.

Most people choose engineered floors due to the cost factor. They are far cheaper than hardwood flooring. The cost of installation is also less.  Thus, if you are on a tight budget, go for an engineered floor and get the same look and feel at a lower expenditure.

There is a good reason to choose engineered flooring if you stay in a warm place. Dry winters are not suitable for hardwood floors and so are warm summers. For your home, the engineered floor will be a better choice. Thus, you will find these floors mostly in condominiums and basements. When visiting a hardwood flooring store, you should ask for the resident expert to explain the difference in more detail.


Engineered floors are easier to install. You also get options in installation methods like nailing, gluing, stapling, or floating.

Engineered floors are more durable. They don’t expand or shrink easily. They are strong and resistant to daily wear and tear.

Engineered flooring is ideal for all parts of the house. Get it in your living room, bedroom or even bathroom, especially the basement where there is dampness.

The only disadvantage of this type of wood is that it cannot be refinished. You can only remove fine scratches by lightly sanding the floor but cannot refinish it.



Vinyl flooring – get the durability you need in your home or office space



It is the technology that has given us advanced luxury vinyl flooring. It has its own varieties with distinct features and advantages.  Today, we have got rigid core luxury vinyl which has a floating installation without any nails or glue. It comes with a more rigid core that offers added durability.

This again comes in two different types. SPC flooring or Stone Plastic Composite vinyl flooring has become popular with both homeowners and businesses. SPC vinyl is composed of 60% calcium carbonate, polyvinyl chloride, and plasticizers.

The click system ensures that this type of floor can be quickly installed. You can install them quickly in your home directly over the subfloor or the existing floor. SPC flooring is known to remain stable at both high and low temperatures, a feature that makes it perfect for most commercial spaces.

100% waterproof and with a wear-resistant layer, you can use this flooring for any area which experiences a lot of wear and tear.

SPC vinyl click flooring can be used in all parts of your house. If you are looking for an affordable, durable, trendy and low maintenance flooring option, go for this one. With trendy colors and classic looks of real stone, wood, and marble, give your home a rich look without burning a hole in your pocket.

Of course, you don’t have to think much of about maintenance or stress over stains and scraps.


Attractive and easy to install, make your home look great with tile flooring

Tile flooring offers a huge range of options that make homeowners love it. Versatility and adaptability make tile flooring so popular today. You can choose from a wide range of ceramic, porcelain, marble, slate, faux wood, onyx, and granite, just to name a few.

Durability and resistance to extreme temperature is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of tiles. They can withstand staining and the daily grind and thus, right for areas that receive heavy footfall. Porcelain and ceramic rank high in this regard.

Maintaining the tiles are easy. Regular cleaning is all you need to keep them beautiful. Ceramic tiles are very cheap and therefore, the most popular choice for homeowners. Tiles are eco-friendly too.

Tiles look attractive. Get them in different designs and colors to gel with the décor of a room. Having a tiled floor will increase the value of your home too.

With tiles, you can go creative. Combine them in different patterns, choose different shapes and add vibrancy to your rooms with them.

You can safely use tiles in all parts of your home. The living room, dining area, bathrooms, and kitchens will look pretty in them. Even you can have ceramic tiled floors in your laundry room or foyer.


The other popular options for flooring are linoleum and carpet.

As we have mentioned earlier, when choosing a floor, you have to keep in mind several factors like your budget, personality, home décor, functionality, and maintenance.

If you have kids and pets and get a lot of guests, you have to think of maintenance first. You cannot keep worrying about soiled floors with muddy spots. Similarly, flooring is a huge investment and you cannot have a floor that needs replacement within a couple of years.

So, think over your choices, take stock of your demands, talk to your family members and choose the best flooring for your home to make it the haven you will love to come back every day.