Golden Deco Elite's Shower Sets and Shower Doors

Golden Elite Deco is a Canadian company that started as a flooring company. They worked tirelessly as a small business to create high-quality flooring solutions at reasonable prices. By using vertical integration methods, Golden Elite Deco, or GED, was able to reduce the cost of their products further. They have multiple production facilities in several counties, all of which utilize high-tech equipment to create great products. Today, they have a variety of products across North America, in retail stores as well as GED showrooms. GED is a decorated company that strives to always provide the best products. Out of the products they provide, one of the most well-renowned is their shower sets.

Golden Deco Elite's Shower Sets

Shower sets are a set of doors, panels, and a base which goes into your shower. They can be bought individually, although this usually creates issues as the pieces do not always fit together. Thus, sets can be purchased. These contain the shower doors, the shower base, and all the extra hardware needed for assembly. Sets are usually machined together, meaning that they will fit together and be installed with ease. GED employs several quality checks to ensure that only the best products reach the consumer. Additionally, GED only uses glass with a 10mm thickness in the construction of glass showers.

Shower Base Material

Glass thickness may not necessarily seem like a critical aspect of shower construction, but it is. The 10mm thickness used by Golden Elite Deco ensures that the shower doors or enclosure will not break when closed too hard or banged on. These have a stronger feel as well as a better overall look and design. These also are heavier and are more structurally sound. Many other companies install or create sets with glass that is only 8mm or 6mm thick, making the showers significantly more fragile than they would be otherwise. There are several benefits to the 10mm thick shower glass that outweigh the slight increase in cost.

Golden Elite Deco uses 10mm thick glass in their installations due to the increased strength of this size of glass. It can withstand significantly more abuse than a thinner sheet of glass. Additionally, because it has such a small risk of breaking, it is safer for home use. If a shower needs to accommodate children or elderly individuals, it would also be a better option. In case of a fall or similar accident, 10mm glass would provide a large safety bonus. Before installing a shower with glass of any thickness, however, be sure to check if your walls can support it, as glass is heavy.

There are a ton of different shower options available at GED, all of which utilise 10mm thick glass. There are shower enclosures that are baseless and fit in a small corner with a drain. These are compact, but still sleek and stylish. There are based set-ups that are set into a corner as well. Corner sets have several different available sizes and orientations, so there is something available to fit every space. There are three wall showers that can be recessed into a wall and these also come in several different sizes. Depending on the layout of the bathroom, these can be an awesome feature.

Golden Elite Deco Shower Base

All the shower base enclosure sets at Golden Elite Deco come in sizes that range from 36 inches to 72 inches – although they also have the resources and ability to fulfil custom orders. This can help for bathrooms with substandard shower openings. All showers are available with either round hardware or square hardware. These are decorative choices, as neither makes a substantive difference. Rather, these affect the aesthetic appearance of the shower in most cases. There is also no price different between the two hardware types, thus, it is a personal and design decision more than anything.

Golden Elite Deco offers a price match guarantee on all bathroom products. In most cases, however, their prices cannot be beat. GED offers an unparalleled quality for the price on shower enclosure sets and other bathroom products. For instance, a complete, baseless set for a 48-inch shower is only $550CAD. The most expensive option is currently $948CAD. All shower options and sets are between these two price points, making these sets a great value for the money as well as an affordable addition to any bathroom. Sales run frequently both online and in-store as well.

Walk-in Shower Options

While it may seem like these options are limited, that truly isn’t the case. A walk-in shower is the most sought-after bathroom remodel item for many homeowners. The three wall options here can help create just that. These allow existing bathtubs to be removed and then replaced with a slick, glass enclosure. There are tons of bonuses to a walk-in shower, especially when competing against a bathtub. For both the walk-in, as well as all GED’s other showers, there is a small threshold that needs to be stepped over to enter the shower. Conversely, a bathtub shower requires taking a large step up. This can be dangerous or difficult for people lacking the stability or mobility to complete the movement.

Walk-in showers, especially those with glass doors, also don’t require a shower curtain to keep the water from entering the bathroom. This creates an overall cleaner and more sophisticated look. It also makes the bathroom appear larger. Additionally, shower curtains can create a build-up of mould and bacteria in the inner folds of the curtain. Showers of this type also allow for the installation of rainforest showerheads or multiple showerheads. This allows for a luxurious shower experience that won’t make a mess of the bathroom floor.

Golden Elite Deco is a great place to purchase a set to create a luxurious shower. With several different specifications, sizes, and options available, there is something to fit every bathroom. With 10mm thick glass, there is also little risk of danger as this is the strongest and safest option on the market. There are a host of benefits to a glass door walk-in shower, and with option in most North American retail locations, Golden Elite Deco is a fantastic option!