Golden Elite's matching side cabinets and medicine cabinets. Made to match the look and feel of your Golden Elite Vanity, our Side Cabinets are available for most of our vanity collections, and stay true to your style and design. Sold Separately.

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  1. -50%
    Labrador Toilet Topper Maple Grey
    was CA$299.00 Special Price CA$149.00
  2. -33%
    Labrador Toilet Topper White
    was CA$299.00 Special Price CA$199.00
  3. -33%
    Madrid Side Cabinet White
    was CA$899.00 Special Price CA$599.00
  4. -40%
    Malibu Open Wall Cabinet
    was CA$299.00 Special Price CA$179.00
  5. -44%
    Malibu Side Cabinet Walnut - Black Glass Front
    was CA$1,599.00 Special Price CA$899.00
  6. -31%
    Mella Side Cabinet Grey
    was CA$799.00 Special Price CA$549.00
  7. -33%
    Rock Side Cabinet Rough Oak - Coming Soon
    was CA$599.00 Special Price CA$399.00
  8. -38%
    Sofia Side Cabinet Lily White
    was CA$799.00 Special Price CA$499.00
  9. -29%
    Sofia Side Cabinet Soft Oak
    was CA$699.00 Special Price CA$499.00
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45 items

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Golden Elite is excited to offer its Storage Cabinets at unbeatable prices. You can call one of our stores to check product availability, or visit one of our 3 stores in Montreal. Our company imports high end flooring products and offers them at affordable prices to the public.