Plancher laminé de 5 po x 12,3 mm - Walnut. Vue de face

Plancher laminé de 5 po - Noyer - LIQUIDATION - 196.2 PI CA DISPONIBLE

Achetez Plancher en bois franc d'ingénierie d'érable mielleux de 5 po - cannelle - Liquidation - 2,997 disponible en magasin chez GoldenElite à Montréal

34.50 par boîte. Plancher en bois franc d'ingénierie d'érable mielleux de 5 po x 1/2 po de couleur "cannelle". 2,997 disponible
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Similar to solid hardwood floors by look, engineered floors are different in construction and usually are a less expensive alternative. The floor is constructed with a top level of solid hardwood with several layers of plywood underneath. Engineered floors are more resistant to moisture allowing the floors to be installed at grade level, above grade level, or below grade level.

Panache Collection Hard Maple is hand scraped and hand chiseled to give an artisan look. This type of flooring can match any home style.

Honey Maple is a hardwood that grows mostly in Canada and the United States, often a choice for homeowners who are looking to brighten up their home with a unique and distinct floor that is durable. The wood has a close, generally straight grain that can also appear curly, wavy, or striped. The heartwood is reddish brown and sometimes quite dark, with the floor appearing creamy white with slight reddish tinge colors. Scratches and imperfections are more noticeable because of the close, even grain and pale color. However, Golden Elite offers a matte finish that will help make marks less noticeable

More Information
MarqueGolden Elite
ConstructionBois franc d'ingénierie
Pays d'OrigineCanada
Blocage de BordureTongue & Groove
FiniTreffert Aluminum Oxide anti-scratch
Lustrage30% Matte
Method d'InstallationGlue-Down or Nail-Down
Lieu d'InstallationHouse/Condo/Basement
Dureté Janka1260
Systeme "Radiant Heat"Yes
Dimensions5 po x 1/2 po
Garantie25 ans limitée - à vie sur la structure par boite34.50
Special Price3,29