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A: As you know, Engineered Flooring is a 2-4mm hardwood veneer on top of a Ply-Wood Core. Although there is no difference in the construction of an Engineered Click floor, There are some profound differences. While a regular Engineered floor uses the traditional Tongue & Groove installation method, Engineered Click flooring is installed using a licensed click and locking system similar to that of a laminate floor. This allows an Engineered Click floor to install exactly like a floating floor, as opposed to being nailed or glued down.

A: An Engineered Hardwood floor is a 2-4mm Hardwood veneer placed on top of a ply-wood core.

A: The difference between traditional Hardwood flooring and Engineered Hardwood flooring lies mostly in its construction. Whilst Hardwood flooring consists of, exactly as its name suggests, a solid plank of wood, Engineered Hardwood consists of a hardwood veneer placed on top of a ply-wood core. The ply-wood promotes a more structurally sound and stable core, as its seven sets of 1.5mm cross banded layers allow for a more “breathable” structure, enabling less expansion and contraction due to sudden increases or decreases in humidity. These properties make Engineered Hardwood ideal for installation in areas with increased humidity like basements and any other type of cement subfloor.

A: While both serve as ideal underlayment for your laminate or engineered click flooring, SupexCushion is a little bit different when compared with Silverguard. While both feature an aluminum top layer to assist in blocking humidity, SupexCushion features a soft foam underlay that not only provides superior underfoot comfort, but also sound proofs up to 61db.

A: Yes. All* of Golden Elite’s vanities come fully assembled, with the countertops and sinks pre-mounted. *Unless otherwise specified.

A: Golden Elite is equipped with a 65,000 square foot warehouse. All of our products (vanities, flooring, doors and faucets) are kept in stock on a regular basis. We would never sell you something that we aren’t certain we have on hand.

A: You may pick up your items at our warehouse, situated at 88 Boul. Brunswick in Dollard-Des-Ormeaux.

A: Absolutely. Along with our partner, Simma Transport, we are able to provide you a prompt, professional local delivery service. Just ask a member of the team how it works. We unfortunately do not ship outside of our local area.

A: Loose Lay vinyl is an interesting innovation in the flooring domain. Unlike our click models, Loose Lay vinyl relies on a rigid diamond-patterned backing that prevents it from moving once it is put into place. Loose Lay installs without the use of an adhesive, and does not feature a click system.

A: Ultra Solid hardwood takes an engineered hardwood approach to a hardwood floor. Like engineered hardwood, Ultra Solid is made to have increased structural stability, but instead of a ply-wood core, Ultra Solid consists of a four piece construction: a Solid Core, a stabilizing frame, a hardwood veneer and the back veneer. Like our engineered hardwood, Ultra Solid Hardwood, is a more “breathable” product, ideal for installation in areas of varying humidity.

A: Traditional Hardwood flooring consists of a one piece construction that has not been manipulated in any way. Solid Core hardwood features a 3-ply construction that promotes superior stability than a traditional one-piece construction.

A: All laminate flooring will come equipped with an AC (Abrasion Class) rating. This rating will tell you two things about it: the density of the materials used (standard laminate flooring is made from a material called High Density Fiberboard or HDF) and the amount of daily wear and tear the flooring can withstand. See our quick reference guide below for more information: • AC1 – laminate flooring is designed for residential areas with light traffic. Great for bedrooms. • AC2 – laminate flooring can withstand more traffic than AC1. Suitable for living rooms and dining rooms. • AC3 – laminate flooring can withstand any type of heavy residential traffic, such as hallways and may also be used in a professional setting with light traffic. • AC4 – laminate flooring is designed for commercial applications with moderately intense traffic. Ideal for small shops and offices. • AC5 – laminate flooring is designed for high-traffic commercial areas like department stores, shopping centres, and office buildings. It has a rough finish that can withstand the most abuse.

A: Golden Elite does not recommend installation of any of its products on any radiant heating system. Doing so will void your manufacturer’s warranty.