Similar to solid hardwood floors by look, engineered floors are different in construction and usually are a less expensive alternative. The floor is constructed with a top level of solid hardwood with several layers of plywood underneath. Engineered floors are more resistant to moisture allowing the floors to be installed at grade level, above grade level, or below grade level.

Collections: St. Petersburg, Johannesburg, Panache, and Whistler Dimensions: 12 mm, 14 mm, and 15 mm
Installation: Nail Down, glue down, or floated
Acclimation: Maintain a relative humidity level of 35-50% before, during, and after the installation.
Warranty: 25 Year Limited

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  1. -54%
    Plancher d'ingénierie en bambou tissé de 3 1/2 po - Cognac - LIQUIDATION - 440.8 P.C.
    Regular Price 4,29 $CA Special Price 1,99 $CA
  2. -25%
    4 1/4" 10mm Honey Maple Click Engineered Flooring - Dawn
    Regular Price 3,99 $CA Special Price 2,99 $CA
  3. -50%
    Plancher en bois franc d'ingénierie de chêne blanc de 5 po - River Stone - Liquidation
    Regular Price 5,99 $CA Special Price 2,99 $CA
  4. -45%
    Plancher en bois franc d'ingénierie d'érable mielleux de 3 1/2 po - Wheat - Liquidation
    Regular Price 5,39 $CA Special Price 2,99 $CA
  5. -19%
    4 3/4" Solid Honey Maple Flooring - French Roast - Tax-In while quantities last
    Regular Price 5,69 $CA Special Price 4,59 $CA
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